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The meetup we curate are means to foster conversation.

Casual Tech Meetup offers two event formats: Monthly Mixer and Round Table Discussion. Both aim to create a "casual" environment for exchanging and growing ideas through conversation. We are continually expanding Casual Tech Meetup to include various event formats and promote conversation between different people.

Monthly Mixer

We host a monthly mixer in Hong Kong for individuals working or interested in technology.Typically, 15 to 25 people participate each month. Our goal is to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and foster conversation. You might begin by discussing your career, latest growth marketing tactics, UX design trend or productivity apps and the conversation will naturally flow into other interesting topics such as travel stories and personal side project. Additionally, the host will actively introduces new faces to everyone.We also hosted a monthly mixer in Singapore in April 2023.

Round Table Discussion

We host round table discussion for in-depth conversation on a specific topic.We expect 10 to 15 people to join the round table discussion. The first hour of the event will be similar to monthly mixer, where individuals from diverse backgrounds will be able to join conversations on various topics.The second half of the event will feature a round table discussion on a specific topic. A moderator and a subject matter expert will lead and faciliate the discussion. Inviting participants to share their point of view and experience for the topic. At the end of the discussion, a summary will be shared, and participants are welcomed to share their reflections.

Round Table Discussion Topic

Growth Marketing - How to build growth culture & strategy within an organization - 2023 March
Product - Creating an "aha" moment for product to delight user - 2023 April
Organisational Change - How to facilitate change in an organisation - 2023 May

About Us

Bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and foster conversation.

Vision Of Casual Tech Meetup:

  • To use conversation around technology, design, innovation and career as a launch pad for deeper and meaningful conversation.

  • To create a "casual " environment for the exchange and growth of ideas.

Our Commitment To Guests:

  • Introducing you to other participants you would like to meet based on shared interests, backgrounds, personality or some exciting side projects.

  • Make sure you are welcome and join the conversation you are interested in.

What We Hope From Our Guests:

  • Arrive on time, or at least not be so late. Our conversation needs warm up, and let's start the event together.

  • Be authentic and genuine. Engage in conversations and topics that interest you. Feel free to join different discussions during the mixer if you find them more appealing. Remember, no one will judge you.

  • While we discourage business card exchanges, please feel free to connect and exchange Instagram or LinkedIn.

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First Timer FAQ

What To Expect At The Meetup:

  • Attendees are welcome to speak in both English and Cantonese, as we accommodate each other's language preferences.

  • More than 70% of participants have attended our previous events and have decided to participate again.

  • The meetup will take place in a casual environment, at a bar. You can purchase your own drinks and food; there will be no ticket price.

  • The venue will have high tables, and we encourage everyone to stand so they can easily join different conversations.

  • If you are running late or need to leave early, just message us and don't worry about it.

Who Will Participate In The Meetup:

  • From our experience, the majority of our participants work in digital and management consulting, UX, product management, growth, digital marketing, data, and customer success.

  • We welcome people who have diverse backgrounds and, most importantly, are open-minded and curious.

  • Currently, we operate mostly through friend referrals and our previous event's participants. Around 4-5 spots will be reserved for new participants in our monthly Happy Mixer.

  • The majority of participants keep coming back, so you are not only joining an event but also a community.

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Casual Tech Meetup in One Sentence

A place where we use conversation around technology, design, innovation and career as a launch pad for deeper and meaningful conversation.